Prepare Enrich Assessment Chattanooga

November 2010

Prepare/Enrich Assessment

Learn about how the Prepare and Enrich assessment can give you insight into the health of your relationship. 
Lumosity Review

February 2011

Lumosity Review

Learn more about the bran training  software "Lumosity" and a better alternative. 
Natural ADHD Treatment Options

 March 2011

Natural ADHD Options

Learn about some natural and alternative options for treating ADHD to discuss with your providers.
Self-Acceptance vs Self-Improvement

February 2022

Self-Acceptance vs. Self-Improvement

Learn about the difference between self-acceptance and self-improvement.  
How to Optimize Mental Wellness

April 2022

5 Things Anyone Can Do To Optimize Mental Wellness

Learn 5 things anyone can do to optimize their mental wellness. 


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