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I frequently get questions about “brain training” programs. Lumosity is probably the most well known and most popular of it’s kind, but is it really beneficial? Let’s think through it a bit and explore alternatives. Continue reading for my Lumosity review.

While Lumosity is the most widely known and popular brain training program, it certainly isn’t alone. Among the top brain training programs with Lumosity are: CogniFit, FitBrains, and BrainFitLife. I’m not as familiar with CogniFit and FitBrains, so I won’t comment much on the except to say that they seem like they are pretty much just like Lumosity. If you’ve tried Lumosity then it’s safe to say that you’d find similar experiences with CogniFit and FitBrains.

In my opinion Lumosity has taken a bit of a minimalist approach to brain exercise. True brain exercise should consist of (1) Lumosity type “games” combined with (2) physical exercise to help the heart and muscles work more efficiently to improve blood flow and subsequently supply oxygen rich blood and nutrients to the brain and (3) proper diet.

With brain training, however, Lumosity misses the mark with one very important factor… Brain Type! Lumosity seems to take a cookie cutter approach to brain training – a big reason why it doesn’t work for many people. So what should you consider before subscribing to Lumosity? Well it’s been said that a picture is worth a thousand words so take a look at this picture and see if you notice a difference…

Brain Fit Life

Image Source: Brain Fit Life

As you can see, BrainFitLife is so much more than just a cookie cutter style brain games program. BrainFitLife, designed by world renown psychiatrist and brain expert Dr. Daniel Amen, provides you with your brain type and then customizes the brain training exercises to target your unique brain. It also recognizes and helps improve problem areas such as depression, anxiety and OCD.

So my personal and professional recommendation… I’d take BrainFitLife over Lumosity any day. If you’d like to try BrainFitLife please Click Here for more information.

I hope you enjoy the program.

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