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Brandon Santan, PhD, LPC-MHSP

Education, Training and Experience

Dr. Santan has the education, training and experience to treat a wide range of struggles and keeps the whole person in mind. He is able to make recommendations on physical, spiritual, relational and emotional health. He also has several specialties and can provide expert care.

Counseling Style

Dr. Santan is able to offer a relaxed, warm, inviting and safe atmosphere conducive to healing. He enhances the therapeutic effect with his friendly and interpersonal style of counseling that is non-judgmental and accepting yet directive when needed.

Approach to Counseling

Dr. Santan’s approach to counseling is holistic. That is, Dr. Santan addresses the entire person in all aspects: mental/emotional, physical and spiritual. A person is healthy when all three areas are healthy, synchronized and functioning in concert.

Dr. Santan typically encourages a person to learn, discover, understand himself/herself and the way that he/she sees the world around him/her. He also encourages a person to find his/her own way to solve problems such as experimenting and evaluating possible answers and solutions and by stimulating interest into continued investigation of self. He approaches counseling with the idea in mind that a person is best served when he/she can discover for himself/herself what’s best.

This approach to counseling leads to a sense of ownership and pride which are foundational keys to satisfaction and happiness.

Precise Treatment

Dr. Santan does not follow a one size fits all approach to treatment. Instead he will work to target your unique needs based on your unique history and situation to form an individualized treatment plan. He also attempts to get at the root cause rather than simply focus on the symptoms.

“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.”

Chattanooga marriage therapist Brandon Santan

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Education & Training



Board Certified:

Counselor, Clinical Mental Health Counselor, Telemental Health



Dr. Santan is also a Telehealth Provider for the States of TN, GA and FL. Florida requires us to provide you with a link to their website: http://www.flhealthsource.gov/telehealth/