Product Review Disclaimer

From time to time Dr. Santan will review/recommend products to let visitors and clients know if it is worth trying. You can find recommended products by clicking here. Here is Dr. Santan’s statement about his product reviews/recommendations.

Unlike most others who provide product reviews, my promise to you is that I will not write a product review for a product that I haven’t personally either tried the product myself or critically studied the product.

There is a “product review scam” currently trending on the internet where a person will join an affiliate program (to earn commissions on a particular product), start a website for the sole purpose of writing positive “reviews” so that when people search online for a review of the product they are looking for, they will click on their site, use their affiliate link and get the commissions. These scammers don’t actually use (or in some cases even see) the product they review. They just write a quick review in the hopes that their site visitors will click on their affiliate link.

Most of the time these reviews tell us nothing and simply give a favorable testimony of the product. I saw a “review” of a product recently and all the reviewer did was copy & paste a portion of the product’s sales page, give a short paragraph about his personal experience (which was all positive of course and obviously fake) and then a short paragraph of summary (which was again all positive) and then ask the reader to click on his link. This is nothing short of a scam!

I want to let you know that I do things VERY differently. As you already know I’m a mental health professional. It’s my passion to help people. Yes I also am an affiliate for some of the products and I do earn commissions on sales made through my website on some of the products. You, the visitor/reader, should assume that any and all links on this site are affiliate links. If you click on these links and go visit the resulting site, a cookie will be set in your web browser that will give me credit for the sale “IF” you purchase the recommended product. Even so, I do not scam my readers – that’s a promise!!! As I’ve already stated, I will not review/recommend a product unless I’ve either tried it or critically studied it.

To be completely candid, it is possible that my reviews/recommendations of products/services for which I receive a commission are influenced by my affiliate relationships and may create a conflict of interest. I do not believe a conflict of interest exists. I believe I avoid conflict of interest by (1) only reviewing/recommending products and services I trust and know, (2) providing honest information and (3) not receiving physical products or cash directly in exchange for reviews/recommendations. You, however, are encouraged to do due diligence and decide personally whether or not you want to click on any particular link. Even if you do click on a link you are free to decide whether or not to purchase the product or service. Again, my product reviews/recommendations are honest and straight forward. If I don’t like a product or feel that it isn’t valuable I will tell the reader that. My recommendations are based on what I feel works well for a majority of people and on the quality of the products and services. My goal is to first and foremost help people make informed decisions NOT to earn income.

I’m also required to inform you that, as per common practice, some of the hyperlinks on this site are shortened, and in some cases cloaked. This is not done to be deceptive, but to improve functionality and tracking. I don’t have anything to hide. I’m proud of my relationship with the vendors, products and services I recommend.

So if you find a product reviewed by me that you’d like to try of course I would appreciate it if you used my affiliate link to try that product – no pressure, but it would be greatly appreciated. Those commissions help support this site and the information I provide. This is very labor intensive work, often done with minimal compensation. I do it, though, as a labor of love. This is a much better way to go about supporting this type of work than asking for donations as I’m sure most would agree.

Please also keep in mind that individual results will vary and the only sure way to know if a product will work is to try it. I do not know each unique visitor to my site and these recommendations aren’t personalized to any one individual. You are not establishing a counselor/client relationship by clicking on recommended products/services links. Hopefully, though, with the information I provide, you will be better informed so that you can reduce the risk of trying a product that you aren’t sure about.

In addition, please know that I take no responsibility for any outcome – either good or bad – of using recommended products and services. All vendors are responsible for their respective products/services and all questions, comments, concerns and customer service issues should be addressed to the vendor which whom you’ve decided to purchase a product/service.

If you are looking at a product and would like an honest review before you purchase it, please let me know. If it’s feasible, I will try to purchase the product, test it out and write a review for you.

Finally, some vendors may pay to place banners and/or links on the site for advertisement purposes. These are paid advertisements and not product/service recommendations. I will try my best to distinguish advertisements from product recommendations. For advertisements, I will do my best to only allow quality products/services to be advertised on the site. I do not take responsibility for claims, testimonials, reviews and/or recommendations made for paid advertisements.

Other vendors may also pay to place advertising on our sites in the form of banners, widgets, and hyperlinks. These are paid advertisements and while we do our best to only allow quality products and services to be advertised on our site, we are not responsible for claims or testimonials made on paid advertising links.

I hope this makes sense and instills some confidence in my product reviews. You are always welcome to contact me to ask questions if the need arises.

Brandon Santan, PhD, LPC-MHSP